Tools for Datasets

Collection of notes and tools on working with Dataset structures, with particular emphasis on crawling and indexing with DataONE infrastructure.

digraph foo { rankdir="BT"; graph [fontname="avenir", fontsize=10]; node [fontname="avenir", fontsize=10, target="_blank" shape=rectangle, style=filled, fillcolor=darkseagreen2]; edge [fontname="avenir", fontsize=10, style=dashed, arrowhead=onormal]; Thing [label="SO:Thing", href=""]; CreativeWork [href=""]; Dataset [href=""]; MediaObject [href=""]; DataDownload [href=""]; Intangible [href=""]; PropertyValue [href=""]; Place [href="", target="_blank"]; Person [href="", target="_blank"]; Organization [href=""]; CreativeWork -> Thing; Intangible -> Thing; Place -> Thing; Person -> Thing; Organization -> Thing; Dataset -> CreativeWork; MediaObject -> CreativeWork; DataDownload -> MediaObject; PropertyValue -> Intangible; }


Herein the term “SO:” refers to the namespace or any equivalents.

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